What am I paying for? What is a shuttle service?

We are a shuttle limousine company that drives students from and to Vancouver’s and Victoria’s airport. Shuttle means that you may have other passengers riding along with you. Not necessarily you will be the only person in the car. But you should rest easy as we will get you to your destination in an appropriate time.

What to do in case my flight is changed or is delayed?
It is important that you notify Beaton’s of any change in your travel plans. TEXT, EMAIL OR PHONE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR PLANS. You MUST advise Beaton’s of any changes even if you let your school or host family know about your change in plans. If you decide to cancel your trip entirely, your cancellation must be received by Beaton’s 48 hours ahead of time to avoid full charges.

Where can I change my money at the airport?

The best place is at the Currency Exchange Counter in the International Arrivals area.

How do I get a bus pass? How do I get to school?

It is usually best to refer this question to your homestay family.  They will know for what zone to buy your bus pass and will show you which route to take to school.

Where can I call home?

It is usually best to wait until you reach your homestay to phone home. Because we try to not leave you waiting long before leaving for your homestay, and because buying a phone card and finding the phones can be a long process, there is not often enough time to make a call home. In order to use a payphone, you need $0.25, and you phone a number on the back of your calling card for Vancouver. Then you enter your PIN number on the back of your calling card, enter 011 (for international calls), then the PIN, then the country code and phone number. Country codes are listed in the front section of the White Pages.

Where can I smoke?

The only place where smoking is allowed is outside the main airport building. Please try to remember which door you leave the airport by so you do not get lost