Just like most of the airlines. Beaton’s only allows our students to bring a maximum of 2 large suitcases, 1 carry-on and a handbag. It’s important that you communicate with us in case you are carrying more than we allow. Extra luggage, sports equipment, and other large items shall only be allowed for an extra fee. More information in regards to the fees for those services can be found here.


Here is how Beaton's will handle over-sized and over limit amount.

Returning students must be aware that Beaton's Meet & Greet will expect that students take only 2 large suitcases with each case not weighing more than 50 lbs., a carry-on bag (tote type suitcase, box, carryall, etc. dimensions being not more than 9" X 16" X 22" and not exceeding 22 lbs.) and a backpack or satchel dimensions being not more than 6" X 13" X 17" and not exceeding 22 lbs. This is considered a normal amount of luggage, is accepted by most airlines and can be handled by our drivers and vans.

Returning students must also be aware that they there may be an extra charge for transporting more luggage than allowed by the airline. Beaton's must be notified 24 hours before the returning student expects pickup to go to the airport if he/she is planning on carrying extra bags. This advice allows the transportation company to place vehicle requirements for the day. The extra fee will allow the transportation company to bring additional vehicles and drivers on for the day if required because of additional luggage. Our drivers cannot, by law, lift more than a 50lb suitcase and must ensure that students are safe and comfortable in the vehicles - no suitcases on laps, etc.

Returning students who have heavy luggage (more than 50lbs. in one bag) should expect that they will have to pay extra to the airline and to Beaton's for assistance in the airport. The student should expect to assist the driver with loading and unloading this luggage. To avoid inconvenience at the airport. it is advisable that students purchase an extra bag while in Vancouver or Victoria and separate out their luggage to fit the requirements of the airline. Often at the airport, students are sent to purchase another bag and have to sort out their belongings on the airport floor - sometimes missing their flight. Not only does this process waste valuable time at the airport but is very costly in added fees to the airline.