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If your trip is within less than 48 hours, please call us before proceeding with your booking.

*Round-trip special prices only when booked at the time of arriving info

**Couples (i.e. sisters, brothers, friends, parent & child, married couple, etc.) when one of passengers is identified as an escort and they are going to the same homes from the same flight. Must be required when booking.

Drop off is for capable students only - not students who require boarding assistance. Boarding assistance fee is applied separately.

Beaton’s will wait up to 4 hours for students at the airport; assists with any problems the student encounters upon arrival into Canada; gives students’ maps, brochures, coupons for events, etc. and a bottle of water for the journey to their homestay.

All above fees remain in effect if a student or school cancels the airport pickup or return service once a vehicle has been dispatched.. 48 hours notice is required for guarantee of service and for cancellation without charge. All students are expected to have our dispatch number and contact us immediately forchanges in their flight arrangements.